1 The Customer undertakes to use the Services responsibly, respecting the rules of use in order not to compromise the Services provided by VIRKANTZIA.COM.

2 If the Customer's inappropriate use of the services compromises the stability, security or quality of the Services provided by Virkantzia, Virkantzia reserves the right to stop providing the Service immediately and with the consequent notification by email.

3 The Customer also undertakes not to use the Services for illegal purposes and not to violate national and international standards in any way.

4 The Customer undertakes not to insert, and not to allow third parties to insert content that violates privacy, copyright and intellectual and industrial property in general, or has an offensive content, or that may in any way harm or jeopardize the image of third parties or Virkantzia. The Customer also undertakes not to carry out, through its Internet access, acts of computer piracy.

5 The Customer undertakes not to spam, that is, to send, by e-mail, unauthorized communications, not required and/or not requested by the recipients. Virkantzia also underlines that it will consider the Customer responsible even when the illegal spam activity is carried out through email addresses other than the one acquired from Virkantzia and implies, even indirectly, a Virkantzia Service or directly Virkantzia's technical structure (for example: unauthorized promotion of a web page on Virkantzia hosting).

6 Virkantzia reserves the right to suspend the Service if it considers that the Customer carries out activities that grossly and patently violate the obligations provided for in general law, or if there is a complaint of violation of third party rights, supported or not by ANACOM, The suspension will last until the Customer eliminates the causes of the dispute or presents Virkantzia with suitable documentation capable of attesting that it does not violate the rights of third parties.

7 The Customer acknowledges being solely and exclusively responsible for the activities carried out through the Service and for the contents and communications inserted, published, disseminated and transmitted by or through the Services.

8 Virkantzia will not be responsible for illegal, criminal, civil and administrative acts committed by the Customer through the Service. The Customer undertakes to exempt Virkantzia from any action, instance, claim, cost or expense, including the related legal expenses, eventually resulting from the Customer's disrespect.

9 It is the customer's responsibility to maintain an up-to-date email address for communication with Virkantzia, non-compliance with payment deadlines determines that the automatic service management platform will cause the services to be discontinued.

10 The Customer agrees that Virkantzia cannot be held responsible for delays or malfunctions in the provision of the Services dependent on events beyond its control, such as malfunctions of the services of telecommunications operators, and/or electrical lines, i.e. , acts or omissions of the competent Registration Authority, malfunction of terminals or other communication systems used by the Customer.

11 Virkantzia does not make backups of any data and content owned by the Customer and which it makes use of within the scope of the services provided. The Customer undertakes, therefore, to carry out a continuous backup of its data under its own responsibility, incurring the respective costs, therefore Virkantzia is not responsible for the eventual loss or elimination of the same.